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Mary's publications...


Southeast Missourian newspaper

In the Spirit semissourian

Simule Lutheran Voices in Poetry

Country Woman magazine

Well Versed Literary Works

Greeting Cards

Articles Essays and Features

In the Spirit semissourian

Good Old Days magazine

TBY semissourian


Cash Book Journal newspaper

Heartland Writers Journal

Banner Press newspaper

Farm & Ranch magazine

Evangel magazine

Country Extra magazine

The Secret Place devotional


Saturdays in the Good Old Days

Heartland Heritage Anthology vol. 1-4

Well Versed Literary Works

Missouri Folklore Journal

TBY semissourian


Bill Emerson Bridge- postcard

Butterfly- Thrivent Calendar 

Bill Emerson Bridge-Heartland Heritage Anthology

25 country churches on greeting cards and framed gifts

Baby brother- Cappers


How Do I Know God Loves Me?

Barney Big Ears Learns a Lesson About Friendship

Andy's Bubblegum Adventure

Roosevelt and Ruthie and the Fish That Got Away

Mary's Memoir - 

A Country Girl Grows Up Under the Cottonwood Tree

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