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About Mary


     Writing has been a part of Mary's life since she was teenager. She sent her first submission to a magazine at the age of fifteen. Working on the school newspaper in High School helped her decide that writing would be a part of her future. 

     While taking a college class to earn her elementary certification, Mary was required to write and illustrate a children's book. The A+ she earned on that little book solidified her desire to be a published author.

     Mary first taught a year and a half as a Home Economics teacher. She then earned her Elementary certification. She taught thirty years in the Oak Ridge R6 School District, teaching third, fourth and first grade.

     During her teaching career she had little time to devote to writing.

However, she managed to have several articles published.

     Over the following years she has had numerous essays, articles, poems and photographs published in magazines, newspapers,

on a calendar and her own line of gifts and greeting cards.

     A driving force in Mary's journey to be a published author has

been the Heartland Writers Guild. Mary joined this group around 2003. Through monthly meetings and yearly conferences she has learned a wealth of information and met many successful authors.



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 (C) Mary Koeberl Rechenberg 2016

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